PVC Cable Trunking

Cable trunkings are an easy and convenient way to build cable routes in places that were not originally intended, or impossible to build otherwise. They are widely used in:

-          Renovation of old buildings

-          Construction of temporary cable routing solutions

Cable trunkings are of different types:

-          Cable trunkings for cable laying only

-          Parapet cable trunkings for installation of modules

-          Floor trunkings for cables 

For proper and aesthetic installation of the cable trunking, it is advisable to use appropriate accessories, which are:

-          Inside angle 

-          Outside angle 

-          Top 

-          Derivation 

-          Joint 

IC Intracom Ltd. is a direct importer and distributor of PVC cable trunkings and accessories for them. Our offered products are easy to install and look aesthetically good. 

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