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PON networks provide the opportunity for optical connectivity between the offices of Internet providers and their customers, without the use of active elements on the optical line.

IC Intracom Ltd. offers a full range of products for building passive optical networks, such as:

- Fiber optic cables;

- OLT for GPON and GEPON

- ONU for end-user subscribers;

- PLC splitters;

- Fiber optic processing tools;

- Fiber optic media converters;

- Optical connectors for fast connection;

- Fiber optic outlets;

- FTTH fiber optic distribution boxes for pole and wall mounting;

- and many more…

Server and Network rack cabinets and accessories

Whether you are building a small home network or structured cabling of a large trade and administrative center, with us you will find:

- Server rack cabinets;

- Free standing network cabinets;

- Wall mount cabinets;

- Open rack frames;

- Wide range of accessories, like shelves, PDU, castors, fixing elements etc.

Cable pulling and laying tools

Pulling cables in cable ducts, on cable trays, in a suspended ceiling or in a double floor can be a challenge. IC Intracom offers products from leading European manufacturers that will facilitate your task of installing cables, such as:

- Cable pulling grips;

- Cable pulling fiberglass rods;

- Cable guide rollers;

- Cable rolling systems;

- Cable puling machines and ropes.

Electrical materials and desktop data and power solutions

Along with the construction of structured cabling in a building, the cable routes and the accompanying electrical installation must also be considered. That is why we have tried to offer you a wide range of:

- PVC cable trunks and accessories;

- Floor boxes for concrete and raised floors;

- Wall boxes and outlets;

- Aluminium columns and desktop data and power solutions;

- Electrical power switches - serial, deviator, light buttons, automation, etc.;

- Power sockets - Schuko, French type with pin, single, double etc.;

- Cable trays and mounting accessories;

- Corrugated and electrical installation conduits;

- and many more...

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