Инструмент за надлъжно цепене на обвивка на Drop оптичен кабел Jonard Industries Corp. - 1

Инструмент за надлъжно цепене на обвивка на Drop оптичен кабел

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The FOD-2000 puts a slit on both sides of the jacket allowing easy access to the fiber or strength member. The ease of use makes this tool truly unique! To use just position the tool around the cable, pull and slit.


The Jonard Tools patented and award-winning FOD-2000 Fiber Optic Drop Cable Slitter simplifies the slitting of drop cable jackets at mid span or end sections and is perfect for FTTH technicians working with flat fiber drop cables. This drop cable slitter features the following:

  • Designed to slit 0.250” flat drop cables as well as various other cables
  • Slits flat cables 0.305" to 0.350" wide and 0.155" to 0.185" high, typically found in Corning SST-Drop flat cables with a jacket thickness of 0.03” to 0.04”
  • Slits both sides of the jacket simultaneously, allowing easy access to fiber or strength members
  • Can separate the jacket and strength members from the buffer tube leaving fiber undamaged
  • Two reversible blades come preassembled and can be reversed when worn for double life
  • Replacement Blades (FOD-RB25) can be purchased separately
  • NSPE New Product Award 2010 (See below in Downloads section)

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