Оптичен кабел армиран 8 влакна G652D GYXTW MegaF - 1

Оптичен кабел армиран 8 влакна G652D GYXTW

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Оптичен кабел - армиран 8 влакна, сингъл мод G652D, макара от 2000 метра  +/-  10%


GYXTW is an outdoor communication optical cable of metal strength member of the central tube jelly-filled structure with embedding steel-polyethylene laminated sheath, consisting of the central loose tube, two parallel steel wire strength members, and sheath.

Full cross-section water-blocking structure to ensure good water blocking and moisture resistance
Loose tube is filled with special ointment for a key fiber protection
Two parallel round steel wires are resistant to tensile and lateral pressure
Small cable diameter, light weight, and excellent bending properties
Loose tube is in the physical center of fiber optic cable, easy for construction and operation
Product life of 30 years

Applications: Suitable for long-distance communication and indoor communication
Way of laying: overhead, pipeline
Operating temperature: -30 ~ + 70 ℃
Bend radius: static 10x cable diameter
Dynamic 20x cable diameter

Number of cores Maximum fiber cores in loose tube Cable diameter (mm) Cable weight (kg/km) Allowable tension (N) Allowable flattening force (N/100 mm)
short long term short long term
2 - 8 cores 8 7.9 62 ≥1500 ≥600 ≥1000 ≥300
10 - 12 cores 12 8.1 66

Подробности за продукта

Вид на оптичното влакно
Сингъл мод G652D
Брой оптични влакна
Тип инсталация на кабела
Заравяне под земята, В HDPE тръби

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