Both the customer and the merchant have the right to cancel orders as this should happen before the goods are sent for receipt. In case of cancellation of orders none of the parties shall not owe penalties, if the following conditions are met:

The customer has the right to cancel, refuse to receive, return or replace the ordered goods from the order and for this purpose must previously made a contact by phone, e-mail or other contact forms listed on the company's website.

When the goods are damaged, they cannot be returned or replaced due to hygiene and health protection considerations, unless the merchant decides to offer a price at his discretion. In this case, the goods transportation costs from the return from the customer to the merchant shall be entirely at the expense of the customer.

The merchant can use his right to cancel an order in case of: impossibility to deliver the goods; non-payment by the customer; provided incorrect and/ or incomplete data about the order and its recipient; incorrect behavior by the customer in previous orders.

When payment is made by the customer, the merchant is obliged to refund the price paid for the order, and both parties choose the most convenient way to return the amount.

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