Network and server cabinets play an essential role to protect the active and passive equipment inside them from external influences. In industry or outdoor installation, for example, they provide optimum protection against moisture and contamination. In data centers, because of the constant air cleaning and professional cabling, the risk of technical defects is minimized and a high level of system availability is guaranteed. The cabinets that we offer have optimum protection for both the active and passive equipment installed in them, such as fiber optic cables, splice trays, patch panels, routers, switches, servers, accessories, etc.

IC Intracom offers a wide variety of cabinets and accessories to provide what you need and to keep your communications infrastructure running. Our product range exceeds 350 products. We strictly select the manufacturers we distribute in order to offer the customer the right and quality solution they need. Our good cooperation with equipment manufacturers allows us to jointly bid and offer special products according to customers' requests.

19" Network cabinets

Rack cabinets for mounting communications equipment. The cabinets are available in heights from 12 to 47U and depths of 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 mm.

Wall mounted cabinets

We offer a wide variety of wall mount cabinets with depths of 300, 400, 450, 500, 560 and 600 mm.

Accessories for network cabinets

Full range of cabinet accessories such as shelves, power distribution units, castors, levelling feet, cable management panels, brackets and more.

Server racks

Cabinets for mounting servers with load capacity up to 1500 kg, depth up to 1200 mm and height up to 47U.

Outdoor cabinets

When you need to install outdoor communication equipment - we have a solution for you. We offer cabinets on a plinth or on a pole.

Optical distribution cabinets

Cabinets for installation of fiber optic equipment and termination of fiber optic cables, both outdoors and in the meet-me-room of data centers.

Co-location cabinets

Colocation cabinets for data centers, where several customers can install their equipment in one cabinet.

Open frames

When you need fast and constant access to your network equipment, our open frames are at your disposal.

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