Fiber optic attenuator 10 dB, Single mode, SC Female - SC Female Simplex Adapter  MegaF - 1

Fiber optic attenuator 10 dB, Single mode, SC Female - SC Female Simplex Adapter

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Application environment: ◆ CATV Network ◆ Connecting optical communications equipment ◆ Telecom Network ◆ ODF Transmission System ◆ High-speed, high-capacity SDH Optical Fiber Transmission Specification : Type Attenuation values (dB) Precision error (dB) Wavelength Additional Loss (dB) Connector type (dB) High Return Loss 1-30dB 1~5dB<±0.1dB 1310nm Insertion Loss: FC/UPC 1550nm ≤0.2dB (UPC) FC/APC 1310nm/1550nm ≤0.3dB (APC) SC/UPC,SC/APC Return Loss: 5~10dB<±0.3dB ≥50dB (UPC) LC/UPC,LC/APC 10~20dB<±0.5dB ≥65dB (APC) ST/UPC,MU/PC Pilot projects Test conditions Temperature and Humidity aging Temperature is 85℃,relative humidity is 85%, Insertion loss≤0.1dB in 14 days Temperature cycle Temperature is -40℃~+75℃,relative humidity is 10%~80%,42cycles,Insertion loss≤0.1dB in 14 days Soaking Temperature is 43℃, PH5.5, Insertion loss≤0.1dB in 7 days Vibration amplitude is 1.52mm,frequency is 10Hz~55Hz, three directions of the two hour insertion loss≤0.1dB Bending load 0.454kg load 100 cycles (Jacketed) insertion loss ≤0.1dB Load reverse 0.454kg load 10 cycle (Jacketed) insertion loss≤0.1dB Anti-Tension 0.23kg Rally (bare fiber), 1.0 kg (Jacketed) insertion loss ≤0.1dB Impact 1.8m high, three directions, 8 time/direction ,Insertion loss≤0.1dB Reference standards Bellcore TA-NWT-001209 Insertion loss≤0.1dB

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