103Gb/s QSFP28 SR4 Transceiver Atop technology - 1

103Gb/s QSFP28 SR4 Transceiver

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  • 4 channels full-duplex transceiver modules
  • 4*25Gb/s 850nm VCSEL-based transmitter
  • 4*25Gb/s electrical interface
  • Power dissipation <3.0W
  • Hot-pluggable QSFP28 form factor
  • Single MPO connector receptacle
  • Maximum link length of 70m on OM3 or 100m on OM4 multimode fiber (MMF)
  • Operating case temperature 0°C to +70°C
  • 3.3V power supply voltage
  • MPO polarity – Type B
  • Applications: 100GBASE-SR4 100G Ethernet


  • An integrated transceiver module containing a micro-optic component and semiconductor material
  • Can implement optical-electrical conversion and electrical-optical conversion
  • The module is designed as a four-channel, pluggable, parallel, QSFP28 transceiver for 100Gbps fiber-communication
  • Each channel can operate at 25Gbps up to 100m on OM4 fiber
  • The operating wavelength is 850nm
  • The optical interface uses an 12 fiber MTP(MPO) connector
  • The electrical interface uses a 38 contact edge type connector
  • This product is compliant to 100GBASE-SR4 of IEEE802.3bm standard and SFF-8436 specification
  • Provides reliable long life, high performance and consistent service

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Fiber optic connector type
Wavelength nm
SFP Package
Data Rate
SFP Component
SFP Output power, dBm
SFP Rec. Sens, dBm


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