Media converter Single fiber TX: 1310...

Media converter Single fiber TX: 1310 nm RX: 1550 nm, 1000M 30 km, Atop


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AF1000 series is a kind of 1000Mbps intelligent adaptive fast Ethernet media converter .It can implement date transmission between twisted pair electrical signals and optical signals which are the two types of network connection media .This type of media converter can extend the transmission distance of a network from 100M over copper wires to 80KM in which there is no help of any other converters. Elucidation: 2. Features Suporting : Full duplex and half –duplex transmission and capable of automatic negotiation. efficient built in switching core ,to implement flow control and reduce broadcast packets. Suporting : The transmission of extra-long packets over VLAN Suporting : The selection of mutiple types of fiber ports such as dual-fiber multi-mode .dual-fiber single –mode and single –fiber single –mode, to satisty the extended requirements of users.

Product Details

Wavelength nm
850 nm
Fiber optic connector type
LC Simplex


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