14 slots single power supply chassis...

14 slots single power supply chassis 220v 19“ 2U

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AF-R14 series device is a kind of switch chassis which can hold at most 14 deferent types of rack-type media converters. It has one or two powers which can support the rack work with automatic negotiation.

  • Supporting: AC220V and DC-48V two kinds of power in; Different types of media converter work together; Hot-swappable
  • Slots: 14
  • LED: Power
  • Power in: AC100V~260V in or DC48V 
  • Power out: DC5V, 12A
  • Power number: one or two (
  • Dimension: 430*260*90mm Rack-type media converter dimension
  • Operating temperature: C
  • Storage temperature: 20
  • Operating humidity: 5%

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