USB2.0 to UMTS PCMCIA Adapter,U111...

USB2.0 to UMTS PCMCIA Adapter,U111 Supports only Merlin UMTS Cards

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Please note the references at the bottom! The U111 is the only solution available to OEMs and integrators which need to support a PCMCIA product and have only a USB connection available. Elan can adapt the U111 hardware and produce custom software to support the required PC card. U111-530/630 : Supports the Novatel Wireless Merlin 530 and 630 PCMCIA 3G/UMTS Cards. These cards are offered by many mobile phone operators world-wide, but are marked on the reverse label as `Merlin 530` or `Merlin 630`. (Other PCMCIA cards - including memory cards - are not supported) · USB Interface · Supports TypeI and II card sizes (Slot with ejector lever). · Uses a low power high performance micro controller to convert the USB protocol to PCMCIA card read/write access. · Perfect for networking cards such as Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, EDGE, CDMA etc. · External Power Supply option for high requirement cards Supported Merlin UMTS cards: * Hutchison 3 (Europe) * Hutchison Whampoa (Hong Kong) * Manx Telecom (Isle of Man) * O2 (UK) * Orange (UK - Merlin 530 sold as `Orange Mobile Office Card`) * PTC Era (Poland - Merlin 530 sold as `BlueConnect card`) * T-Mobile * T-Mobile (UK - Merlin 530 sold as `3G Communication Centre Datacard`) * Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) * Vodacom (South Africa - Merlin 630) Important references of the manufacturer: - Option - cards are not supported (see label at the card`s back side). - recommended driver: download The new Vodafone Mobil Connect Software V6.01 supports the U111 box now: - Installation references: readme

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