SKYLYNE CardReader USB2 ALL-in-1 External,all types of cards  - 1

SKYLYNE CardReader USB2 ALL-in-1 External, all types of cards

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· External Cardreader · USB2.0 (USB1.1 Compatible) · Reads all types of cards System Requirement PC: 1. IBM PC 486DX4-100MH or higher or compatible system 2. Windows98/ME/2000/XP/2003 or above, Linux 2.2.7 or above 3. Available USB port MAC: 1. Power G3, G4 or I-Mac 2. Mac OS 9(9.2.2 Recommended) or Mac OS X (10.2.3 Recommended) 3. Available USB port Card Supported: SMC & xD Slot: SM Card, xD Card CF Slot: CF Card, CFII Card, CF Ultra II, Micro Drive SD & MMC Slot: SD Card, Mini-SD Card, SD Ultra, MMC Card, MMCII Card, RS-MMC Card, HS-MMC Card, SDC Card, T-Flash. MS Slot: MS Card, MS Pro Card, MS MG Card, MS MG Pro Card, MS Duo Card, MS MG Duo Card, MS Pro Duo Card, MS MG Duo Card.

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USB 1.1, USB 2.0

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