PON & CATV WDM EDFA transmitters and receivers

FTTH optical receiver for...
Optical transmitters for CATV

FTTH optical receiver for Triple play network

FTTH is final development goal of broadband access. ICBR-8610GS/D mini type optical receiver suited the target's terminal product adopt low power receiving technology, can satisfy the demand of FTTH CATV signal receiving , setting the LED indication light (≥-18dBm) on panel to monitor optical power.
FTTH Optical Receiver...
Optical transmitters for CATV

FTTH Optical Receiver -1~-6dBm, RF: 65dBuv

ICBR-1000R is designed as a novel equipment for special requirement of CATV industry. It is catering to object of passive terminal receiving equipment for FTTH and realizing analog or digital TV signal access which is very convenient as just plug and play and also energy-saving. This equipment adopts high sensitive optical receiving tube and exchanges...
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