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USB cables, adapters, accessories

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Card Reader / Frontpanels

OEM Cardreader USB2, internal 3.5",, All-in-1, Front-USB, black

Multifunctional internal cardreader - standardized for 3,5 inch bay - reads and writes:   Compaq Flash (CF), Smart Media (SM), XD, Memory Stick (MS)   and Secure Digital (SD) - connect intern at the USB 2.0 port - max. transmission rate: 480 Mbit /sec - current supply: internal by USB - USB port in frontpanel - LED for operation and...
USB2.0 Adapter, A female - MicroA male
USB converter / accessories

USB2.0 Adapter, A female - MicroA male

USB 2.0 адаптер,  USB 2.0 A женски - USB 2.0 Micro A мъжки, черен цвят
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