Heat Shrink Dome Closure for 24...

Heat Shrink Dome Closure for 24 splices /max 144 fibers/

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Fiber optic splice closure with 1 oval + 4 round ports, one splice tray for 24 fibers is included, maximum capacity is 144 fiber when 6 splice trays are installed


Features: May be used for cut, uncut and taut sheath applications. May be used for all fiber optic cable. Sheath retention & central strength member termination system included. construction-lightweight plastic offers strength and resistance to chemical and U.V attack All hardware are captived Closure can be flash tested Sealing way Base-to-dome seals on the closures are mechanical for ease of intalleion and re-entry Cable seals features a unique heat-shrink sleeve and hot-melt adhesive system that is installed with a hot-air gun. Application Watertight, Underground, Aerial, Vault and Wall Mountable. May be used for in line, branch and butt splicing

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