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Fiber optic distribution box for 48 SC adapters

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Materials: high grade SPCC cold rolled steel Characteristics: the wiring connection device used in connecting optical cables and optical communication installation. Suitable for the protective connection between cables and pigtail. Used for both single core and ribbon optical fiber cable. Fixing the reinforced core device, reliable grounding device for protecting safety. Application: wall-mounted Standards: conforming to YD/T778-2006,YD/T 826-1996,YD/T 896-1997,YD/T 717-1994.YD/T1272.3-2005 Surface treatment: degrease, Pickling, phosphide, static plastic-spray. Color: RAL7001 The standard allocation: 1 set of cabinet, 8 pieces of 6 cores adapter fixing bracket (plastic), 1 set of cable fixing unit , 1 set of bobbin unit Optional accessories : FC adapter,SC adapter, FC/SC bundle/ribbon pigtail, FC/SC patch cord. Product dimension(width*depth*height mm): 555*130*435

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