Стенен комуникационен шкаф, 600 мм дълбочина, черен, Elegant Wall

ELGW 07U 6060 BL 111
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Стенни комуникационни шкафове от серията Elegant wall на Gunko - Турция с дълбочина 600 мм и отваряеми страници. Шкафовете се отличават с елегантен дизайн и отлична изработка, като товароносимоста им е 100 кг.

Използваема височина на шкафа


This is the product when you don’t need a full size enclosure or you dont have the room for one rack, the Wall mount enclosure is quite enough for most distributing network applications but requires minimum install space.

Elegant Wall cabinets are designed to have a variety of mounting options for small network equipments for establishments such as hotels, malls, cinemas, gas stations, offices etc.

Commonly used network hardware can be easily placed in these cabinets. Each wall type cabinets have full-adjustable 19” mounting rails 2 ea left & right.

Our wall mount enclosures are compatible with all 19inch rack mount equipments and has enough depth for network equipment and network cable bundles, size range is between 07U to 20U and the weight capacity up to 100kg

These rack ship fully assembled or flat pack with quick and easy assembly structure, this racks has removable side panels for easy access for equipment during installation and maintenance, and all models are equipped with locking doors to prevent unauthorized access, the modular structure also providing extremely space efficient, saving significant amounts of money for the customers by reducing shipping and storage costs, in addition to this features, rack doors can be ordered in our available, solid, perforated or glass versions.

Продуктов код


Вътрешна височина (mm)

Външна височина (mm)



ELGW 04U 6060 BL 111

04U 19” 600x600mm Elegant Wall Mounting Rack Cabinet



ELGW 07U 6060 BL 111

07U 19” 600x600mm Elegant Wall Mounting Rack Cabinet



ELGW 09U 6060 BL 111

09U 19” 600x600mm Elegant Wall Mounting Rack Cabinet



ELGW 12U 6060 BL 111

12U 19” 600x600mm Elegant Wall Mounting Rack Cabinet



ELGW 16U 6060 BL 111

16U 19” 600x600mm Elegant Wall Mounting Rack Cabinet



ELGW 20U 6060 BL 111

20U 19” 600x600mm Elegant Wall Mounting Rack Cabinet




  • TSE-ISO-EN 9001:2008
  • EN 61587-1
  • EN 62208
  • TSE EN 61587-1
  • CE- 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

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Комуникационен шкаф - Вид
Стенен монтаж
Товароносимост кг
Клас на защита
IP 20


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